2 Room E50 White QI65C Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and Touch Panel Wall Amplifier

2 Room E50 White QI65C Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and Touch Panel Wall Amplifier
2 Room E50 White QI65C Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and Touch Panel Wall Amplifier
2 Room E50 White QI65C Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and Touch Panel Wall Amplifier
2 Room E50 White QI65C Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and Touch Panel Wall Amplifier
2 Room E50 White QI65C Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and Touch Panel Wall Amplifier
2 Room E50 White QI65C Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and Touch Panel Wall Amplifier
2 Room E50 White QI65C Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and Touch Panel Wall Amplifier
2 Room E50 White QI65C Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and Touch Panel Wall Amplifier
2 Room E50 White QI65C Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and Touch Panel Wall Amplifier

2 Room E50 White QI65C Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and Touch Panel Wall Amplifier

2 Room E50 White QI65C Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and Touch Panel Wall Amplifier. Two-zone Bluetooth ceiling speaker kit that includes four ceiling speakers, an in-wall amplifier, a selector switch, and speaker cables. The user-friendly features of this home ceiling speaker system make it simple to operate for users with any experience level. The Bluetooth receiver integrated into the E50 amplifier in this package allows you to pair a smart device with it and stream any audio wirelessly. This home ceiling speaker system is incredibly versatile for different users at home thanks to the line-in connection.

Each of the kit's four QI65C ceiling speakers has a coaxial 2-way driver configuration for effective sound reproduction. These speakers can be installed in any area of your house, including the kitchen and bathroom, because they are moisture-resistant.

You can adjust the input mode, volume level, and turn the system on or off using the touch-sensitive interface on the front panel of the E50 amplifier. The amplifier incorporates gesture control, so you can adjust the volume without touching the panel itself. This Bluetooth ceiling speaker package features an in-wall two-zone selector.

Using the two buttons on the front of the selector, you may turn on either one or both zones simultaneously. The four speakers are divided into two pairs that can be installed in different rooms. Bluetooth ceiling speaker kit with two-zone functionality and a stylish white installed design. Line-in connection and wireless Bluetooth technology to play audio from a range of devices.

2-way coaxial speakers with a moisture-proof design to install safely in any room of your home. In-wall amplifier with a touch panel and gesture control for convenient operation of the home ceiling speaker system.

Two-zone selector switch with an in-wall design to activate one or both zones at the same time. Includes 1x Power Dynamics PDWS2 In-Wall Speaker Selector A/B push 1x E50W Touch Screen Panel Bluetooth Speaker Installation Wall Amplifier System 2x Q Acoustics QI1110 QI 65C In-Ceiling Pair (Circle) 2x PD Connex Speaker Cable Kit 10m 2x 0.75mm2.

CCA2136 - Power Dynamics PDWS2 In-Wall A/B Speaker Selector Switch with Mount Box - White. The PDWS2 in wall speaker selector switch from Power Dynamics is excellent for commercial installations in offices, restaurants, and caf├ęs.

It allows the simultaneous connection of two sets of speakers, with the option of reproducing audio from one or both sets at the same time. This speaker selector switch is compatible with 100W power, making it ideal for ceiling or on-wall speakers. The option to connect two sets of speakers at the same time is useful in settings such as restaurants with bars, as you can easily select which area you want to play music in. Two push-buttons are used on this in wall speaker selector, making it extremely simple to pick which set of linked speakers you want playing at a time. With the simple press of a button, you can have A, B, or both A and B sets playing simultaneously.

The white colour of this speaker selector switch fits in flawlessly with any wall, and its size is similar to a standard light switch for a professional look. The selector's in-wall construction keeps it near-flush, contributing to its subtle look.

All installation components, such as a universal wall mount box, screws, and a front switch faceplate, are included. The switch's installation is extremely simple, and its depth of only 90mm makes it suitable for a wide range of walls.

In wall speaker selector switch that is perfect for commercial settings like offices and restaurants. Max power of 100W, with the ability to attach two pairs of speakers at the same time for background audio. Depending on your needs, you can activate A and B speakers simultaneously or separately.

Its in-wall design and white finish make it inconspicuous in any setting, with a size similar to a standard light switch. All installation components, such as a back box, screws, and a faceplate, are included.

Speaker selector switch with simple push button operation. Possible Configurations: A, B, or Both (A + B). Includes ABS Frame Plate Cover.

Includes metal wall mount box, mounting bracket and screws. Dimensions (L x W x H): 115 x 70 x 62mm. CCA2058 - E50W Touch Screen Panel Bluetooth Speaker Installation Wall Amplifier System. Installed Bluetooth music system with touch and gesture control with TV audio/auxiliary input. Systemline E50 from Armour Home has been crowned a'Top Product' award winner in Professional Electrician & Installer Magazine's 2017 reader poll.

The awards, selected on the level of interest and enquiries generated by PE's 70,000+ readership, are recognition for those manufacturers and suppliers that have made a real difference to the electrical contractor's ability to get the job done efficiently, safely and professionally, whether this is in the form of innovative products, tools or time-saving solutions. The first impression of an installed E50 is one of gloss-white elegance, but it does not stop there. This is because not only does E50 feature touch-sensitive control but also contactless hand gesture operation. This is particularly useful in locations such as kitchens, where not having to touch a panel whilst kneading the pizza dough is of obvious practical benefit.

E50 is a pleasure to use, because it is so easy and has a number of important benefits over standalone Bluetooth speakers. X 1 E50 Touch Panel. X 1 Dry Lining Back Box.

X 1 Power Extension Cable (5m). X 2 Speaker Cables (7m). No clutter E50 is built into the wall or kitchen cabinet. Touch-sensitive panel and contactless gesture control. Built-in Bluetooth audio receiver which facilitates robust wireless music streaming from any suitably equipped smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Superb sound quality with superior stereo sound stage delivered from separate left and right installed ceiling speakers. Elegant design with an attractive gloss white finish. Wipe clean not a dust and grime collector. Bluetooth 2.1 with aptX transmission and secure pairing. Selectable device name to allow multiple units to be used in close proximity. Range - up to 10m. Aux input - 725mV normal gain or 250mV boost gain. Frequency response - 20Hz - 20KHz +/1 1dB.

Power supply - 110 - 240 VAC. BBA5028 - Q Acoustics QI65 C Ceiling QI65C 6.5 Installation Speakers Hifi Shop Restaurant.

The Q Acoustics 6.5 Professional in-ceiling single stereo speaker features the latest stereo speaker technology that so that you can enjoy great sound with minimal installation. They give you the ability to listen to music throughout your home, even in bathrooms as they are moisture proof. Now you can listen to the same music in many rooms, where before it was practically impossible due to the impractical nature of having the speakers dotted around in each room. Easy to install; A cutter guide is supplied to mark out the hole you need to make, the speakers attach to your ceiling via four clamps you screw from the front, speaker terminals have push open connectors that you can do with one hand, the grilles attach via magnets.

Bezel and grille design that clips magnetically into place, with the grille geometry being carefully optimized to ensure the perfect balance between sound and discreet appearance. The HF is adjustable by + or - 3dB from a switch on the crossover. Circular and square grille options are available to ensure the perfect match for each customer's decor.

Only 6.5 in diameter, they are hardly visible in your home and take up virtually no space. Less than 84 mm deep. Q Install speakers come carefully packaged with installation template and fitting instructions.

Tweeter diameter: 0.75 (19mm). Impedance (nominal) Ohms: 8 Ohms. Sensitivity dB spl (2.83V, 1m): 89.

Response(Low frequency) -3dB Hz: 75. Size(Round grilles): 232mm dia. JJA4605 - Black and Red Speaker Cable HiFi Stereo Car Audio Lead 10m 2x 0.75mm Strand.

10m Standard quality Red & Black stranded power 2x 0.75mm cable for automotive and other applications. Outer diameter: 2.5 x 5.5mm. A tracked service is available when you select a 48 hour or 24 hour courier service. Due to our carriers charging extra for Highland and Islands, we need to pass this charge onto our customers. Where do you deliver to? We deliver to the UK, Ireland and internationally covering most of the EU, including. All deliveries will require a signature so please ensure someone is present to sign for the item. The couriers will try and deliver the item twice before returning the item to us. Thanks for shopping with ElectroXtra. Up to 60 days since order. Existing product must return brand new with original contents.

Item must be damaged or have a manufacturing fault. No cost to you unless the item isn't faulty or damaged. Condition must be in'as good as new' and unused.

Up to 2 years since order. Cost of sending the item back. Within 60 days since purchasing your package, if you decide you want something with a little better you can send it back to us and we'll happily upgrade your order, however what is sent back to us must return brand new and include your products' original box and all of its original contents and inserts (such as the booklet). Rest assured, our team are entertainment industry experts and are there to listen to and discuss any ideas or issues you have with your product, imparting wise advice on which product would be ideal for your requirements. Customers must pay for any costs related to returning the item as we do not offer a collection service for unwanted items.

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2 Room E50 White QI65C Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers and Touch Panel Wall Amplifier

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