6-Zone Commercial Multi Room PA System 12 x SONORA-5TN Black Wall Speakers

6-Zone Commercial Multi Room PA System 12 x SONORA-5TN Black Wall Speakers
6-Zone Commercial Multi Room PA System 12 x SONORA-5TN Black Wall Speakers
6-Zone Commercial Multi Room PA System 12 x SONORA-5TN Black Wall Speakers
6-Zone Commercial Multi Room PA System 12 x SONORA-5TN Black Wall Speakers
6-Zone Commercial Multi Room PA System 12 x SONORA-5TN Black Wall Speakers
6-Zone Commercial Multi Room PA System 12 x SONORA-5TN Black Wall Speakers
6-Zone Commercial Multi Room PA System 12 x SONORA-5TN Black Wall Speakers
6-Zone Commercial Multi Room PA System 12 x SONORA-5TN Black Wall Speakers
6-Zone Commercial Multi Room PA System 12 x SONORA-5TN Black Wall Speakers

6-Zone Commercial Multi Room PA System 12 x SONORA-5TN Black Wall Speakers

6-Zone Commercial Multi Room PA System - 12 x SONORA-5TN Black Wall Speakers. Multi zone PA system that can play audio in six different rooms or areas of a commercial environment at the same time.

This multi room wall speaker system includes a matrix amplifier, 12 wall speakers, a paging microphone, and two speaker cable reels. The Fonestar MPZ-6480RGU amplifier powers this commercial speaker system in a matrix configuration with six input and output channels. After connecting one or more devices to the input channels, you can choose which zone each device will play in at a custom volume. The Fonestar MZ-648 desktop paging microphone is included in this multi-zone PA system.

This microphone features a zone-based interface that allows you to choose which zone you wish to communicate with at any given moment, making it perfect for commercial settings. Their 2-way driver design produces a wide frequency output for fantastic clarity in the audio. This system's amplifier has a built-in MP3 player with USB and SD ports. You can save up to six pre-recorded messages and utilise any of them on any zone, making it ideal for communicating with employees and customers in commercial settings.

Multi zone PA system with six zones, ideal for background music and announcements. Matrix amplifier allowing distinct audio to be played at varied volume levels in each zone. Zone-functional paging microphone for simultaneous announcements in one or more rooms. This wall speaker system has a built-in USB/SD MP3 player with six pre-recorded message slots. Includes 12x Fonestar SONORA-5TN 5 BGM speaker 8Ohm/100v White 1x Fonestar MPZ-6480RGU 6x 120W Zone Amplifier with Volume Control USB/MP3 Rec/Play 1x 801.818 2 Core Copper 100v Line Speaker Cable 100m 1x Fonestar MZ-648 Microphone with 6 Zone Remote Playback of 6 Messages, Chimes. BBA5573 - Wall Mount Speaker for 100v Background Music Systems, Weatherproof 5 Black 5-TN. The Sonora-5TN is a commercial speaker for wall mounting, offering high-quality sound when connected to a suitable power amplifier. With a swivel-style mounting bracket and a steel safety cable, this wall mount speaker can be installed securely in a variety of commercial spaces. Suitable to run in low impedance (8-Ohm) or 100V line operation, this on wall speaker is suitable for large or small installations and sound systems.

There is a tapping switch located on the back of the unit that allows you to change the wattage it is operating on so that it works efficiently with your sound system. Ideal for installation in a swimming pool or outdoor areas of bars and restaurants, this speaker doesn't need to be under any shelter or cover to be protected against weather elements.

Within the unit are a 5" polypropylene woofer and a 1" tweeter driver, providing a well-rounded and wide frequency response. This 2-way design is perfect for music or speech purposes, as it provides clear and precise sound reproduction. The black finish of the Sonora-5TN makes it blend nicely into any interior or exterior design without taking away from the aesthetics of the space.

With an aluminium mesh grille, the design of the speaker is sleek and provides a professional look to your sound system. Wall-mountable commercial speaker with a swivel mounting bracket and steel safety cable for secure installation.

100V line or 8-Ohm operation for small and large sound systems. 5 different tapping options to change the wattage operation of the speaker. 2-way design with a 5" polypropylene woofer and a 1" tweeter, providing a wide frequency response. Modern black finish with an aluminium mesh grille.

Tappings (W): 5, 10, 20, 40. Frequency Response: 120-20,000 Hz. Dimensions: 162 x 262 x 147mm.

DDA1593 - Fonestar MPZ-6480RGU Multi Zone Amplifier with Volume Control - 6x 120W. The Fonestar MPZ-6480RGU is a high-quality multi-zone audio amplifier that is ideal for use in large commercial settings. This multi zone PA system amplifier, which has 6 zones and operates on 100V line wiring, provides audio in up to 6 different zones or areas at a time. You may save up to six pre-recorded messages on this 100V line amplifier and use any of them on any zone. Each zone features completely adjustable independent volume control and EQ settings, allowing you to tailor the sound output to your specific needs.

This multi zone audio amplifier has paging priority, which means that when you speak into a connected microphone, any other audio on the channel will decrease in volume. This feature makes it extremely easy to hear when an announcement is being made. This multi zone PA amplifier has balanced line and microphone inputs on the back, allowing you to connect many devices or microphones at the same time. You can specify which zone each input channel is sent to to choose where certain audio is playing in your building.

On the front of this amplifier is a built-in MP3 player with USB and SD connectors, allowing you to attach a USB stick or SD card and play saved MP3 files. This is great if you have custom recordings of pre-made announcements and messages.

6-zone amplifier with a 100V line design to connect multiple speakers and send audio to several zones. Playback of up to 6 different pre-recorded messages for announcements in commercial settings. Paging priority that cuts out any other audio briefly while an announcement is being made. Balanced microphone and line inputs to connect multiple devices simultaneously. Built-in MP3 player with USB and SD ports to play saved audio files from a USB stick or SD card.

/line, combo (XLR and 6.3 mm jack) 600? 2.5 mV and 10,000? 2 aux, 2 x RCA 10,000? 1 insert, 6.3 mm jack 2.5 V RMS. Paging, screw terminals 10,000? Outputs: 1 paging out, 6.3 mm jack 1 V RMS. 1 rec out, 2 x RCA 1 V RMS. S/N Ratio: Mic > 60 dB. Phantom: 24 V in mics 1 to 4, selectable. Power Supply: 230 V AC, 960 W maximum 115 v AC on request. Dimensions: 483 x 133 x 433 mm depth. Accessories: Mount for assembly in 19 rack FM antenna. JJA0018 - 2 Core Copper 100v Line Speaker Cable Heavy Duty, Black 100m. Heavy duty 2 core speaker cable suitable for 100V line PA speaker installations. A 100 meter reel of excellent quality speaker cable suitable for making your own cables at exactly the lengths you require. The heavy duty double insulated speaker cable can have speakon, jack, phonos or just bare wire connectors at each end, whatever suits your needs. The cable has stranded copper conductors with red and black inner insulation and overall black PVC sheath for maximum signal transfer at perfect quality. This product is ideal for any DJ or installation where you need to make your own custom length cable with whichever connectors you require to get the job done.

Heavy Duty 2 Core Speaker Cable. Strands: 2 x 45/0.2mm.

LLA3714 - Fonestar MZ-648 Desktop Paging Microphone for Zone Amp MPZ-6480GU. The MZ-648 paging microphone from Fonestar has a compact design that can be placed on your worktop or desk without taking up much space, allowing convenient operation from your office without having to go to the connected amplifier module. Its pivotal gooseneck allows you to aim it towards you in order to capture your vocals in great detail.

This microphone is compatible with the MPZ-6480RGU zone amplifier, which allows speakers to be installed in multiple rooms with individual controls. With the 6 selection buttons on this desktop microphone, you can remotely choose which zone/room you want your announcements to be played in, allowing specific zone addressing. Premade messages can be played through the MZ-648 from a connected PC or computer, which can be input via the available USB or RCA-AUX line-in options. This paging microphone features internal memory storage in order to save messages and alert tones directly onto the mic for instant access in the future. This is the perfect feature for playing chimes that are designed for regular or daily use in commercial venues like shops or warehouses.

With RJ-45 link and output sockets, you can draw power directly from the MPZ-6480GU and even connect additional mics. RJ-45 connection option facilitates stable signal strength over distances of up to 100m, ideal for large installations. Paging microphone with pivotal gooseneck.

Compatible with the MPZ-6480RGU amplifier for commercial installations with multi-zone setups. Desktop microphone with 6-zone selector buttons for announcements in specific areas or rooms.

Internal memory storage to save messages and chimes for repeated and instant use. USB connection to play messages from your computer. Microphone with 6 zone selector. Remote playback of 6 messages.

Internal memory to store messages and chimes. For the multizone amplifier mod. Electret condenser Microphone with gooseneck. 1 Aux, 2 x RCA. 1 PC Connection, USB B.

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6-Zone Commercial Multi Room PA System 12 x SONORA-5TN Black Wall Speakers

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